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You need one of these on your yacht or RV!

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The SeaClutch protects your beautiful pictures!

The past couple of posts showcased solutions to common problems that yacht and RV owners face.

The first was a locking cabinet feature to protect the items that are stowed for transit. The second was an aftermarket solution to secure your coffee pot, negating the need to stow it.

The SeaClutch is an innovative product that protects your beautiful pictures while in transit! For yachts, it also protects your pictures from waves or wakes while anchored or docked,

We all want our yachts and RV's to be decorated like our homes. Do you go through your house and lay everything down ever evening? Of course not! The SeaClutch solves this problem, and you will never need to stow your pictures again.

Here's a novel thought! How many times have your young children or pets knocked over your pictures in the house? The SeaClutch solves that too!

The SeaClutch is on sale now, and you can purchase it through this website by clicking on the "store" button above. You can purchase using your credit card or via PayPal.


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