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The Ride Home Was Rough!

We had a beautiful evening in St. Michael's Maryland, but on Sunday we woke to sustained 25 mile winds with gusts to 35.

Leaving the dock to head home was a challenge as the winds were pushing us into the pilings and we had very little room to maneuver. I was able to pull forward enough to create space at the stern, then backed out by reversing hard on the port motor.

The water was remarkably calm as we headed into the Miles River toward Kent Island, Maryland. However, once we cleared the St. Michael's peninsula we got hit by waves coming off the Eastern Bay! I tried to capture the fury of the waves with the video above, but living it was much more of an experience!

This is exactly the SeaClutch was designed for! As Lisa scrambled to secure items in the kitchen, our pictures were protected and safe!

SeaClutch - take back your weekend!


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