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​How do I place an order?


Simple!  Go to the online store and pick your product!  You can also order our beautiful promotional apparel  by clicking on the "Shop" tab above.  Choose the item and the size, and it will be saved in your shopping cart for checkout.


Does the SeaClutch fit every picture frame or easel?

There is such a  wide variety of frame styles that we can't guarantee that it will fit every one.  However, it will fit the vast majority of popular frames.  Please go to our "Home" page or our "Blog" page for pictures of the SeaClutch on a variety of frames!

How does it attach to the frame or easel?

Simple!  You insert your picture frame into the SeaClutch and gently tighten it until it is secure!  If you want to remove it, just loosen the SeaClutch and remove your frame.  

How does the SeaClutch keep the picture from falling over?

There is an adhesive pad on the bottom of the SeaClutch.  All you need to do is decide where you want your picture and place the SeaClutch there.  Your counter won't be harmed and the picture is now secure!  The adhesive is very strong, so you don't need to worry about your pictures falling over or sliding out of place.  




We will ship quickly and you will be enjoying your beautiful SeaClutch products in a very short time.


​Secure Ordering & Payment Options


You can pay securely through our website when you are ready to check out using your credit card or PayPal.  We never keep or store your information, so shop with confidence!

How can I be sure this is a legitimate business?

We understand this concern!  We are a legitimate company with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, we are listed with Dunn and Bradstreet (D-U-N-S number 116841675), we have a Norton "Safe Site" designation and are a member of the Queen Anne County Chamber of Commerce.

Returns & Refunds


We guarantee that your product will be delivered exactly as promised. 


Privacy Policy

We don't collect or share your information!  If you want to sign up to our mailing list you will receive a notification when we post to our blog and when we are running specials.

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