About the SeaClutch

We are the Holmes family, and we are excited to share our patent pending invention with you!  

We are avid boaters, and every time we would leave for a trip Lisa would have to go throughout the boat and lay down all the pictures so they wouldn't fall over in transit.  Sometimes we would forget and sometimes after we arrived we would get hit by a wave and things would go flying anyway!

How many times have you arrived at the dock or campground and had to go through and place pictures back where they belong?  What a hassle!

And aren't there great places for pictures that you don't use because you are afraid of them falling over?  Never more!

Sure you can try a "homemade" solution like rigging a picture easel with tape and putty or silicone, but who wants that on a beautiful boat?  The SeaClutch costs less than a tube of silicone!


Lisa had the great idea that we should solve this problem, and we have!  Our patent pending design will allow  boat and RV owners to place their pictures where they would like them to go and they will be safely and securely held in place. 

The SeaClutch is available in a beautiful clear finish with additional variations coming in the future.  The SeaClutch can be customized with the name of your boat, RV or family!  Please see pictures on our blog and on our home page.

Ready to ship now!

Thanks for your support.

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