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Working through final production details!

SeaClutch Boat and RV Picture Frame Holder Packaging
A mock up of how the SeaClutch packaging will look

I received final product pricing from Maryland Plastics. Dan did a fantastic job of explaining how he got to a “fully loaded” per unit cost structure. There was a lot in that document! There were several components:

· Per unit cost – manufacture, assembly, packaging

· Freight

· Tariff

So now we know how much this will cost! Now we just need to find the money!

There were several open issues. We needed to finalize the packaging (necessitating getting a UPC code) and determine which finishes and volumes we would have in our initial order.

We agreed to an initial order of 10,000 units and Lisa began to finalize the colors. The manufacturer was having problems with the metal coated option, so that would have to wait until production issues were worked out.

Prior to shipping from the factory we would receive fully assembled and packaged units to ensure that we were satisfied with the product. This was very important as we hadn’t seen the colored versions yet.

Now I needed to figure out how to get a UPC code!


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