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We Should Already Be Cruising!

Such a sad look for late April! The SeaClutch sale vehicle should be cruising!

We normally take our first trip in early April.

When it gets warm enough for the eisenglass to safely bend, the winter canvas comes down and the top goes on! We have heaters, and we love boating before the crushing crowds of summer.

It normally takes a few weekends, but I install the top and eisenglass and Lisa starts commissioning the interior. Refrigerators and freezers and started and stocked, engines and generators are commissioned and the fresh water system is flushed and treated.

And then we roll!

This year it is...different. In a few days I'll be installing the summer canvas on the stern, but I don't see the point of installing the top if I'm not allowed to travel. And staying on the boat isn't that fun if the marina is empty!

We will be running a huge sale soon, so get ready to order your SeaClutch for summer!


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