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The SeaClutch Ebay store is now live!

SeaClutch boat, yacht, RV picture frame
The SeaClutch Ebay Store is now live!

Now that the SeaClutch is here, we are beginning the process of expanding our retail channels.

Ebay is the easiest way to get a product into a market place, and since I have used Ebay many times in the past it was easy to list with them.

Our next step will be to get the SeaClutch listed on sites like Amazon and Etsy. Our website has already been updated to show that the SeaClutch is ready for delivery, and our online store is ready for business.

We are also in the market for a sales rep, so if you do that or know someone, please let us know!

If you were waiting to buy your SeaClutch, don't wait any longer!

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