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The rest of the team arrives!

SeaClutch, boat, yacht, RV, Picture Frame
Many thanks to everyone who helped us with the show!

By the third day, we were fully staffed! Our great friends Keith and Sherilynn were there along with our son in law Chris.

If you take a look at the display, you can see that we made several changes from the beginning of the show. The first thing was a decision to demonstrated the holding power of the SeaClutch. On the back right you can see a picture at an extreme angle, and on the front left of the table you can see a picture tipped radically to the front.

And the SeaClutch holds!

We also took a SeaClutch out of the packaging to emphasize what we were selling and we moved the shirts to the side.

Finally, we dramatically simplified the pricing.

And the sales began to pick up!

While several of us held down the booth, we went in teams to the other vendors as well as the boat sales displays. We were going to decide who might be a SeaClutch client and then make a big push the last day of the show,

After a big day at the show, we caught the taxi back to the boat where Lisa had prepared another amazing dinner!


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