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The First SeaClutch Retail Sale!

SeaClutch boat, RV and yacht picture frame holder
The first retail sale of the SeaClutch

We are so happy to announce that the first SeaClutch has been sold!

We have secured several consignment agreements and our storefront has been open for several months. We have sold a fair number of t-shirts, but selling the actual SeaClutch boat, yacht and RV picture frame is a huge milestone, and we appreciate the support!

It is all the more impressive because we don't as yet physically have the product and are in the production run. We expect the first shipment of the SeaClutch to be available in early February.

Is this what Bill Gates felt like in his garage when MS-DOS was released in 1981? Is this what Larry Ellison felt like when he released Oracle V2?

Lisa and I hope so!

We really appreciate your support and faith in us to deliver this product. If you have a boat or RV, please visit our storefront and take advantage of our Early Bird pricing.



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