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The COVID-19 Boating Restrictions Will Be Partially Lifted!

Boating restrictions are being partially lifted

My wife and daughter are both nurses, so I have a high degree of respect for damage that the COVID-19 can cause on a high risk population. Having said that, some of the restrictions don't make sense.

Store closing seem arbitrary. Why are liquor stores open but vape stores closed? Why are grocery stores open, but clothing stores are closed?

And why can't I take my boat out???

I get that you don't want a lot of boats rafting together, so why can't I take my boat out and drop anchor to enjoy the day? You can't get more "socially distanced" than being in the middle of Chesapeake! And what is the harm in me taking my boat to a different marina for the weekend? Isn't sitting on the back of my boat away from crowds the definition of social distancing?

And why can I take out my kayak, but not my jet ski??

As you can see in the chart above, boating restrictions will be lifted in "Stage 1".

And I can't wait!

Stay tuned for a fantastic back to boating sale from SeaClutch! Never worry about your pictures again!

Be safe!


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