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The Annapolis Boat Show! Set up day.

Boat, yacht and RV Picture Frame Holder
Set up day at the Annapolis Boat Show

We have a SeaClutch booth at the Annapolis Boat Show! How exciting!

We had never done this before, so we borrowed a table from a friend to put our products on. We had already ordered bags, receipts, a lock box, cases of the SeaClutch and a "Square" credit card reader.

After work on Tuesday, Lisa and I loaded up the GMC and headed to the boat show! I was amazed at how organized everything was when we got there. They let us pull in and we unloaded everything and carried it to our booth.

I was surprised at just how little a 6 x 8 booth really is! It was barely wide enough for our table and we knew it would be tight when the exhibitors next to us moved in. We stacked all our supplies and hung our banners (thanks to Mike at Kahuna Graphics!). I found the electric outlet and ran extension cord to our booth.

Having done all we could do, we tied up the front of the exhibit and headed home. Tomorrow evening we would take the boat over, and the show started on Thursday!

Very exciting!


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