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Summer canvas is up!

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Summer canvas is up!

This was a mild winter! We normally spend the week of Thanksgiving in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore. Amazing views, great restaurants and a great time. Then we take a final trip to St. Michaels, MD the first week of December. After that I pull down the summer canvass, winterize all the systems and put up the winter canvas.

But 2020 was a weird year. The combination of COVID-19 and the civil unrest in the big cities caused us to change our plans. We avoided the bigger cities and went to resort marina's and small waterfront towns. 2020 was the first year that we haven't been to Annapolis by boat since before 2010!

And the boat shows were canceled! We have been selling the SeaClutch at the Annapolis Powerboat Show, but no show - no booth!

Let 2021 be a better year! We replaced all the eisenglass over the past two seasons, so the views are great!

The interior looks great and the SeaClutch protected all our pictures (you should try one today!). Next we clean the exterior carpet and commission the systems!


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