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Spring will be here soon!

Seaclutch boat yacht RV
A beautiful summer day in Annapolis!

Summer is coming!

Next weekend we will begin spring cleaning the 453! The water and climate control systems will be commissioned and the exterior carpets scrubbed. The winter canvas will come down and the summer isinglass and canvass will be installed.

Just like that, it will feel like spring!

The picture above was of us in Annapolis two summers ago. We caught a mooring buoy in front of the naval academy and used the launch to get into town. It was a great weekend! Last year because of COVID-19 we didn't make it to Annapolis. Because of the seasons late start, we never even brought out the launch!

This summer should be better!

If you are mooring out, protect your pictures with the beautiful SeaClutch boat/yacht/RV picture frame holder!


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