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Some Exciting Developments – Beta Versions of Packaging!

Boat, RV and Yacht Picture Frame Holder
SeaClutch Yacht and RV picture frame holder in test packaging

We are getting close to production! Very exciting.

We received an actual production version of the SeaClutch in the proposed packaging. As you can see from the picture, the clean design we envisioned became rather cluttered when the SeaClutch was inserted into it. The problem was that the “clear” sections that had writing were difficult to read.

We also need to make sure that people can tell what the product is. This is a product that most people don’t realize they need until the see it, so we need to make sure that the packaging gives that message. This has become even more important as the possibility of placement in large retail operations is becoming more likely.

As you look at the picture, you can see that the clear sections of the packaging make it very difficult to read. We need to strike a balance between the ability to see the quality of the product and the explanation of what the product actually is!

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