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Preparing for a sales call!

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SeaClutch sales team meeting!

Continuing our summertime sales story!

We got up on Sunday morning and Lisa fixed another great breakfast. Candidly, we had had a great day and evening on Saturday, so everyone was moving a little slower than usual!

We had to be out of our slip by 11. Chris and I talked about our sales approach, who would be talking and how we could begin the conversation. With our script and roles figured out, I grabbed a SeaClutch and a business card and we headed to the marina office. The Kent Island Yacht Club is providing complimentary (at my cost!) SeaClutch's to visiting yacht clubs as part of a welcome package, and I had developed a document that went into the gift bag to explain what it was. I modified that and planned on leaving that with the front office.

We know we need better promotional materials, but we hadn't had enough time since our last sales trip to get anything developed.

SeaClutch in hand, we walked to the office!


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