• Bill Holmes

Our First Print Ad!

Print ad for the SeaClutch boat, yacht and RV picture frame holder!

Many thanks to Chad at Digital Curve Marketing for developing the ad at the top of the page! We needed an ad that helped introduce the SeaClutch boat, yacht and RV picture frame holder (now you know why I do that!) to a population that has no idea why they need it.

This will be a print ad that focuses on publications that cater to those particular markets, and it has a couple of important design elements.

First, it describes what it is, what it does and why you should buy it. We also provide more detail about how it functions, and we have two separate “calls to action”. The first is “never stow your pictures again: and the second is “order now”!

We show pictures of the SeaClutch on a picture frame and off, and provide contact information through Facebook, email and our website.

I think that Chad did a great job!

What do you think?

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