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Many leads at the Annapolis Boat Show

SeaClutch boat and RV picture frame holder sales team!
One of the SeaClutch's yacht and RV picture frame holder's intrepid sales team!

SeaClutch boat and RV picture frame holder
Lisa providing some much needed encouragement to the crew!

With both of our boats safely tied up in their slips, we did what all seasoned boaters do and had a celebratory adult beverage! Then we headed to the show.

Lisa was feeling a bit under the weather, so she wanted to look at a large catamaran and then hit the vendors to see if we could forge any partnerships. After that she was going to rest in the restaurant while I hit the docks and looked for sales leads. Since our friends had a different agenda, we decided that we would split up and get back together for dinner.

As we walked through the vendor section we met several connections that indicated a desire to partner up with us! Some were interested in becoming distributors and several just wanted to cross sponsor each other on our websites. I realized that in the future I would need business cards and a pamphlet for events where we didn’t have a booth to sell the SeaClutch! What an oversight!

After hitting the vendors, Lisa went to rest a bit and I hit the docks. I spoke with many boat salespeople and there seems to be a high interested in “branded” versions of the SeaClutch! That would be great! I made a note to myself that I needed to develop a PowerPoint that captures group and custom pricing.

With the sales portion of the day done, I started towards Lisa and ran into my daughter, her fiancée and several of their friends! We all sat down together and had a couple of drinks, then we met up with our friends and found a great restaurant for dinner! It was a great day!

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