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Making the First SeaClutch Bar Code!

Clear SeaClutch boat and RV picture frame holder - clear
SeaClutch Boat and RV Picture Frame Holder UPC - Clear - before it's first scan!

With the GS1 prefix, I was now able to generate a bar code for the SeaClutch itself.

The GS1 site has so much information on it that it is very confusing to navigate. It was made even more difficult because I had never done anything like this before, and virtually every step was a journey of discovery!

After several fits and starts, I found that the UPC code generator was part of the US Data Hub. This is important because the Data Hub is what a merchant queries when they want information on your product. Compare this to when you buy bulk, pre-generated UPC codes from a reseller. Those codes are also on the US Data Hub, but when a merchant queries it they get a different prefix and a generic entry for the type of product.

That is not helpful for Amazon or Wal-Mart!

After I found the correct location on the Data Hub, the rest was simple. I input an item description and provided all the details I could (size, weight, etc). While you can go in and update the details, if you can’t change the actual item description. Say for example I generated a UPC code for a “Tan SeaClutch Picture Frame Holder”, and then I wanted to change that to “Sand SeaClutch Picture Frame Holder”. You can’t do that, rather you must generate a new UPC and then “kill” the old one. The reason for this is because vendors query the database and once you are in there you are in there!

After providing the information, the Data Hub saves it as a draft. Before it generates the UPC code, it warns you that generating it will mean the database is updated and you can’t make changes. You hit generate and you have a UPC! I provided a picture of the SeaClutch Clear Picture Frame Holder UPC at the top of this post.

Next - some exciting developments!


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