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Lazy days on the reservoir...

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This is what Saturday looked like in 1983!

There were two kinds of trips to the lake.

The first was a big time with friends! For those trips I would find several friends and we would get some cold beer and our girlfriends and head to the lake. Those days were spent skiing or wake boarding in the hot sun, and as sun began to go down we would find a nice beach somewhere to cook a simple dinner and then head home.

Good times!

The other kind was just for me.

I worked at a grocery store that was about halfway to the lake, so I would take my dog with me to the grocery store in the morning when I went to work (my uncle lived around the corner and would keep him for me while I worked). After I got off work, usually around 4, I would pick up my lab and head to the lake.

I'd put the boat in by 5 and we would head off. I'd find a quiet spot, crack open a cold beverage and turn on the radio. Then I would put a nice fat worm on a hook and throw it overboard hoping no fish found it. Often I would just sit there as the sun went down, enjoying the tranquility of the lake and the company of my dog.

I didn't catch many fish, but I did catch a love of boating. I learned that there was nothing more soothing than a boat on the water at sundown, and I still believe that today!

Of course, none of the boats were big enough to have pictures and need the SeaClutch boat, yacht and RV picture frame holder!

Next I learn that you should probably have a reliable boat on a river!


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