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Last Day of the Show!

boat, yacht, RV, picture frame, seaclutch
Chris helping sell the SeaClutch!

The last day of the show, and we had a plan!

Chris and I had already done reconnaissance on the docks, and we headed out to with our brochure and began to talk to the various boat sales teams. We also checked out the really cool yachts!

We were met with generally favorable reactions, and several of the sales managers immediately identified the promotion potential. Several came by later in the day,

After another amazing lunch that Lisa had prepared, Chris took over watching the booth while Lisa and headed out to talk to the vendors. We had great conversations with a variety of marina's and boat sales people, and everyone seemed interested. We even met with one of the West Marine buyers, and he promised to come by the booth later!

And he did! We gave him a sample, a brochure and he promised to reach out to us!

As the boat show was winding down, we had a pretty amazing development that boosted last minute sales.


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