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It's great to return to your boat and not worry about damage!

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Pictures stay safe with the SeaClutch!

Winter has had us in it's grip for the past few days, and we experienced snow, freezing temperatures, sleet and gale warnings.

Because it was dangerous on the docks, we haven't had the opportunity to visit our boat in a few days. I'm always a little nervous after being offboard for a few days! You never know if you are going to find damage, especially with the awful weather we have been experiencing.

As we approached the boat, everything looked good! Winter canvas was in great shape and the lines all looked well adjusted.

We entered the salon and were happy to see everything looked great! Even with the wakes of passing boats (we are on a working channel) and the high winds, the SeaClutch kept our pictures safe!

Try the SeaClutch today!


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