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In which I encountered a problem!

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Seems staying away from a dam would be something everyone knew!

There was one other place to boat in Augusta, GA, the mighty and muddy Savannah River. The Savannah River winds from Lake Thurmond (the reservoir) all the way down to the Atlantic Ocean, and Augusta held the distinction as the last navigable point. Directly past Augusta were some really fun rapids where we would often go to have parties and sit on the rocks while we enjoyed the cool water.

There was a dam about 2 miles from my house with the rather unimaginative name "Lock and Dam", and it actually contained locks to allow for navigation from Augusta to Savannah. I lived there for years and never even heard of a boat coming through, but it was there! Still is.

If you wanted to boat in the river, you could put in above the dam or below it. The boat ramp above the dam was literally 15 feet from a series of markers and a long cable that went across the river as a last barrier to a boat going over the dam. If you put in above the dam you could have a very nice cruise up to Augusta. There was really nothing to do there. No dock bars to go to or water oriented restaurants, but you could be seen by the people in the city without boats, and that was something.

One fine Sunday I decided to do just that! I told my dad where I was going and told a friend of mine (he worked downtown) that I would cruise up the river and pick him up in the city. We could then take the boat back to my truck, load it up and have a nice cookout on the river.

I put the boat in the river and headed out!

Just as I rounded the last bend and Augusta was in my sight, the ancient Chrysler outboard sputtered and died...

Next, I meet a dam!


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