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Hitting the Town and Selling!

SeaClutch boat, RV and Yacht picture frame holder
Your hardworking SeaClutch sales team doing what they do best! Meeting people!

With the boat safely secured, we took the dogs for a long walk into downtown Saint Michaels. It was a beautiful fall day, and we were able to enjoy the Eastern Shore at it's finest!

We walked through the central historic district where all the shops and restaurants are located and took careful notes on what types stores were selling what types of items. We had a beta version of the SeaClutch, with and without packaging, and we were able to have some good conversations about their thoughts on adding the SeaClutch to their sales portfolio.

There was a lot of interest in "branded" versions with "St. Michaels" across the front. I am going to need to investigate our options very carefully as it appears to be a big sales opportunity! There were several questions about pricing, and I realized that I missed an opportunity to have more substantive discussions about stocking the SeaClutch.

We took the dogs back to the boat and had dinner at one of the waterfront restaurants, then headed back to the boat and called it an early night.

Next - a sales lead works out!


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