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Herrington Harbor is a beautiful marina!

boat, yacht, RV, seaclutch
A beautiful pool overlooking the marina!

Continuing the story of our sales call this summer!

We woke up on Saturday to a beautiful day!

Lisa fixed a delicious breakfast and then Chris and I checked out the marina office. There was a very nice "ships store" that was connected to the marina office. We went in and asked if there was anyone who could talk to us about the SeaClutch, and we were told that they would be in tomorrow.

Having made an attempt, we hit the pool!

We were enjoying the beautiful pool and excellent drinks when I noticed that a friend of mine was right down the road. I sent her a quick text, and 20 minutes later she was floating in the pool with us and enjoying the day!

A great day in the books, we had a very nice dinner at the marina's restaurant.

Tomorrow we would try for a sale!


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