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First marketing trip with the boat!

Our pictures were safe during the trip thanks to the SeaClutch!

Our first trip of the season!

We normally begin our boating season in early April, but with COVID-19 we took our first trip on 6/6! Wow! The boat still needs a good cleaning, but we wanted to take advantage of the good weather!

We headed to the Miles River Yacht Club where we had an amazing day and night!

If you notice where I am docked, you can see that I had to enter the docking well and then turn around and back into place. What made that maneuver interesting is that the fairway is 50 foot and my boat is 48 foot LOA! Not much room to work with! There was only one person there to observe me making the pivot perfectly!

We wore our cool new "SeaClutch" masks and met with a bunch of friends! Everyone is interested, so we are hopeful of future sales.

Leaving on Sunday there were 15 knot winds pushing me into the seawall, and there were boats directly fore and aft of me! The proper way to leave would have been to move the stern to port to gain room to pivot, then go! But there was no room so the dockhand pushed my bow out and I tried to pivot. In doing so I broke one of the dock waterlines! Water gushed in every direction as I pulled out.

Naturally, there was a crowded dock for that one....

Good to be on the water and selling our beautiful SeaClutch!


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