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First day of the Powerboat Show!

boat, yacht ,RV, SeaClutch
Alyssa helps sell the SeaClutch!

We woke to an overcast and breezy first day. I have to admit I didn't sleep much the night before, so I was simultaneously tired and excited. We gathered all our stuff and walked over the that boat show to set up our booth!

As you can see from the picture, we had banners made for the front and the back. We also had several SeaClutch's attached to decorative marble slabs so people could see the product in action. We started with just packaged SeaClutch's in a stack, but later opened up one when it became apparent that people weren't really sure what we were selling! We also had a brochure, pricing, t-shirts for sale and business cards.

Thursday was the "pre-show", so the crowds were a little smaller. It was also overcast and breezy so the weather was not optimal either. Lisa and I stood there and waited for our first sale.

Throughout the morning, we had a lot of questions but no sales. I realized that our banners should have specifically said what the SeaClutch was, and that people were confused and thought the granite display stands were actually part of the product. Several people thought we were selling picture frames or pictures! We made adjustments to the display to emphasize exactly what we were selling, and took good notes for the next show.

Several of our friends came by and offered their support! Thanks all!

Lisa went back to the boat to fix lunch, and when she came back she had Alyssa with her to help with the booth.

Midway through the day we had our first sale, and several more after that.

We were off and running!


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