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Exciting New SeaClutch Feature!

Yacht, RV, boat, picture frame, seaclutch
SeaClutch can now be customized with the name of your boat or business!

We are excited to announce that the SeaClutch can now be customized!

As you can see, there are two different versions - full face and transparent. Either one looks great!

Imagine sitting on your boat enjoying a beautiful afternoon, when suddenly you are hit with a wake thrown off by a passing boat. While other items may fall off your counters, your SeaClutch keeps your pictures secure! You see the name of your boat on the front of the SeaClutch and smile and go back to enjoying your day!

Retailers and boat salespeople, imagine the promotional potential! Every time your customer looks at their pictures they are reminded who sold them this amazing boat.

I'll be showcasing the customized SeaClutch's over the next several posts.

On sale now!


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