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Do You Like the “Sand” Version of the SeaClutch?

Boat, yacht and RV picture frame holder
"Sand" version of the SeaClutch Boat, Yacht and RV picture frame holder

While we initially wanted to roll out the “clear” SeaClutch, we also wanted to have several different versions available.

We just received the “sand” version, and I wanted to get your feedback on what you thought about it! We feel that the colored versions lend themselves to customization because they provide a more vivid background for a logo to stand out against. For example, a boat dealership may want 100 “branded” SeaClutch boat and RV picture frame holders with their logo on it.

It is a normal practice for a boat salesperson to provide a congratulatory gift to a boat purchaser, and imagine the utility of having a branded SeaClutch in the gift package. Every time the owner looks at their pictures, they will see the logo of the boat salesperson! We can also do that to the clear version of the SeaClutch boat and RV picture frame holder.

What are your thoughts on the sand version?

Next, I’ll show you the SeaClutch in blue.


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