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Do you have this on your boat or camper?

Boat, yacht, RV, Seaclutch
These locking cabinets keep everything from spilling in rough waters or while in transit!

Do you have a cabinet like this on your yacht or RV?

I am sure you do! You push on them and the pop out so you can access the contents. When you are done, you close the cabinet and push back on the know and it locks the drawer.


Because if you didn't, the contents would probably go flying across the interior every time you left the dock!

Yacht and RV's are unique in that we want them to be "home away from home", but these are homes that move. The manufacturers know that, so they build in storage solutions to keep things safe while stowed.

But what about things on the counter?

There are solutions for a variety of things on the counter, but only the SeaClutch boat, yacht and RV picture frame holder protects your pictures!

Next post, we will discuss that!


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