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Do you have one of these?

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This is a clever product to secure your coffee maker

Yachts and RV's are interesting exercises in compromises. We want them to be big on the inside, but fuel efficient on the outside! We want all the comforts of home, but we want them to move from place to place.

In the last post I showed a picture of locking cabinets. In the picture above you can see a clever solution to the problem of coffee makers falling over during transit. This device is either glued or screwed in place, and then the strap is attached to the bottom of the coffee maker and secured with a latch.

Pretty neat! With this solution, you can place your coffee maker (or in my case, a Keurig) where you want it and not worry about having to stow it before you leave.

Just like at home! And isn't that what you want?

Until now, there has been nothing to secure your beautiful pictures. Next post, the SeaClutch!


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