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Chloe Wins the Employee of the Month Award!

boat, yacht, RV, SeaClutch, picture, frame
Lisa and Chloe making friends selling the SeaClutch

When we woke up on Saturday, the sun was out and it was a breezy day with an expected high of around 75.

Perfect weather!

The girls slept in, but Lisa and I had a light breakfast and headed out on the town. Annapolis is very "dog friendly", so we brought Tucker and Chloe with us.

We spent several hours looking at the beautiful shops around Annapolis, and spoke with several owners about carrying the SeaClutch. Most of these shops are tourist oriented, as opposed to boater oriented, so they were interested but only if we could apply the Annapolis "brand" to the product.

Lisa and I will get some firm prices on what screen printing a logo on the SeaClutch might cost.

After several hours pursing sales leads, we headed to Pusser's for a cold beverage and a snack!


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