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Changes to the Packaging

Boat, RV and Yacht picture frame holder
Different version of the SeaClutch Boat, RV and Yacht picture frame holder

The last post contained the original version of the packaging with the product. You can see how the red lettering against the clear background makes it very difficult to see the description of what is being sold!

That’s no good!

The picture above contains a different version of the packaging. You can see that the top of the package now has a white background, and the SeaClutch name really jumps out at you. Because of these issues, we decided to make the following changes.

On the front, the lettering at the top will be changed to say “Boat and RV Picture Frame Holder” and will have a white background. The logo will be made a little smaller, and the verbiage at the bottom will be larger and will also have a white background.

On the back, we are making the picture larger and placing a white background behind both the picture and the verbiage on the back. That way we will have a larger picture of the product in use (and a nice homage to Joey!) and the verbiage will really jump out at you.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Next, we have beta versions of the SeaClutch in different colors!


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