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Another Great Night at the Marina!

boat, yacht, RV, SeaClutch
SeaClutch sales vehicle in LED lit glory!

We had a great day at Great Oak Lodge!

The beach was full of people and the yacht basin was filled with awesome boats. Everyone got along and the Tiki Bar was making tasty drinks. The sand was warm and the water felt amazing!

After we got our fill of fun in the sun, we headed back to the boat. We took our showers and the ladies made themselves beautiful, then we headed up to the restaurant. We were seated on the outside deck where we enjoyed our dinner to the beautiful view of the sun setting over the basin.

Then the band came out. And they were great! We all danced and had a great time. After a great dinner, dancing and good friends, we called it a night.

Tomorrow we would try another SeaClutch sales call!


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