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An Updated Format!

SeaClutch Boat RV Picture Frame Holder
Celebrating a great sales trip to Ft Myers!

Because we are nearing production and things are really heating up, I thought it would be interesting to provide more real time updates on what is going on. We are accepting pre-production orders, so contact me for pricing! We are offering great discounts at this time!

This update is about the sales trip we made to Fort Myers. Thanks for the support!

We have had the final versions of the SeaClutch boat and RV picture frame holder for months and have been taking advantage of every marketing opportunity to show people the product in marine settings. We have had multiple commitments for purchase once the product is available. The second week of September we had the opportunity to take a very low-cost trip to the Ft. Myers area of Florida and decided to take advantage of the trip to see how boaters in this area of the country would react to the SeaClutch.

Upon arriving in Ft. Myers, we immediately got a map of the local marina’s so we could map out our day. I was pleased to find a wide variety of both full-service marina’s and specialty shops that serviced the marine community. We mapped our day out and went to a nice dinner with Lisa’s father.

The next day we visited 5 different marinas with the production version of the SeaClutch. It was positively received, and we gathered contact information from all of them. Everyone stated that they couldn’t provide a firm commitment until we had an actual production and shipment date. They were also all interested in customized versions of the SeaClutch boat and RV picture frame holder, but wanted pricing and volume information.

We noticed a large RV sales center on the way back to hotel and decided to stop there and market the SeaClutch. Since we were unfamiliar with the industry we toured several of the larger RV’s and they were very impressive! As with yachts, the interior decorating choices were dramatically limited because things tend to fall while in motion. We then went to the salesroom and asked to speak to one of the purchasing managers. After several minutes, we met with someone from the parts department (I’m not sure that was the right person!) and demonstrated our invention. Initially he didn’t appear interested, but when I suggested that they might included a branded addition of the SeaClutch with each purchase, he suddenly became interested. He took a couple of pictures of the SeaClutch and we got his contact information. More pre-sales! If we just had a firm production date!


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