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An Unexpected Development!

boat, yacht, RV, Picture frame
The SeaClutch solves a display problem!

We were very lucky to be next to the Williams & Heintz Map Corporation, and we struck up a positive relationship with the people representing them at the boat show.

During the course of the show, the wind continued to increase in strength, and by Saturday there were small craft advisories. Furthermore, the bay was so rough on Friday night that the water taxi's suspended service! Right before that happened, we witnessed an amazing show of seamanship when the water taxi successfully and safely ferried two people to their anchored boat in 3 foot swells.

The wind was causing problems at the show as well!

Many of the displays were blowing over, and the map company next to us were constantly having to reset their displays. Until they got the idea to purchase three SeaClutch's!

They got a piece of slate and attached the SeaClutch, then they inserted their map book, and the problem was solved.

Little did we know that small thing would boost sales!

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