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Advertising - You Need to Target Your Audience!

SeaClutch boat, yacht and RV picture frame holder
Captain Bill and stepdaughter Alyssa, the KIYC 2018 Princess!

The challenge with a product like the SeaClutch is that a consumer might not realize they need it until they see it! That means that you need to reach out to a much broader audience than you can achieve through un-sponsored social media posts.

And that means advertising!

I am the Fleet Captain at the Kent Island Yacht Club and am active in the Chesapeake Bay yachting community. In fact, Alyssa was the Yacht Club Princess last year. Lisa and I took advantage of all the activities that Alyssa attended in an official capacity to socialize the idea of the SeaClutch, but we quickly realized that many in the yachting community didn’t spend much time on social media at all!

We also did some market research and determined that the boating and RV community was large, but highly concentrated. We realized that we needed to reach this community through targeted publications, and that meant we needed to come up with a print ad campaign.

I am handy with Photoshop, but the psychology of advertising is a mystery to me. I realized I needed to find an expert.

So I began to look for one!


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