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Advertising – You Need a Partner You Can Trust!

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Digital Curve Marketing - a great partner!

I explained in my last post that we needed to begin targeting our audience and explaining the utility and value of the SeaClutch. I also realized that we needed to expand our pool of potential customers beyond our friends and colleagues. While Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and the website were beginning to get more traffic, we would need an advertising campaign.

Since I had success in finding partners using the Kent Island Facebook page, I tried that again. I posted that I needed someone to help me develop a print advertising campaign, and was immediately inundated with people who wanted to work with me.

A great problem to have!

After interviewing a variety of people, I had a great conversation with Chad Alvarez who is the founder and owner of Digital Curve Marketing. In discussing the campaign with him, we both realized that he had coached one of my daughter's soccer teams in the past! We met at a local Country Club for lunch and by the end of that meeting I felt that Chad would not only do a great job in developing the ad, but would be a partner in helping me grow my business.

He also helped me understand that I needed a more focused and polished online presence and had some great ideas on how to achieve that.

After several different iterations, he came up with a great ad for a nationwide ad campaign. I’ll show that in the next post.

I’m providing a link to his site on our “Friends Of” page, so please check it out!


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