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A Word About Packaging - Part 2

boat, yacht, yachting, RV
This is the back of the SeaClutch Boat, Yacht and RV picture frame holder

This is the back of the production SeaClutch packaging. On the top right of the package you may notice a slight tear. This is why we do prototyping! We found out that the original thickness of the packaging was not sufficient and the production version will be a little thicker.

Next you can see a picture of the SeaClutch actually holding a picture frame. I wanted to make sure that people would see the product in actual use the would understand mechanically how it functioned. This is a new product, and we don't want people confused! If you look closely you can see we are also offering a tribute to our beloved pet Joey. We miss you Joey!

Below that is a verbal description of what the SeaClutch does, and directly below that we provide our contact information.

Next we have the UPC code for the clear SeaClutch, and directly below that a disclaimer that it will fit "most" standard picture frames. There is incredible variation in frames, and I wanted to be clear that it was possible that someone may have a frame that is designed in such a way that the SeaClutch may not work. As a side note, I also state that clearly on the FAQ section of the www.SeaClutch.com website.

We appreciate any thoughts or comments!


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