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A surge of sales!

SeaClutch, boat, yacht, RV, Picture frame
Williams and Heintz Map Corp enhancing their display with the SeaClutch

Our neighbor at the Annapolis Powerboat Show was the Williams and Heintz Map Corporation, and they were great!

In our last post I explained that they were having problems displaying their maps, so they purchased two SeaClutchs to hold up their display in the heavy winds. They worked great!

After their display had been up for a few hours, the "Chesapeake Bay Magazine" management team came by and asked about their display. They were having the same problem keeping their display up, so they purchased two SeaClutchs for their display. As the afternoon wore on, more and more people approached saying they had seen the SeaClutch on display and were interested.

We ended up selling through several cases! We sold to individuals and several Marina's. We also provided a sample and pricing to a West Marine Representative!

We learned a lot and had a great time! Some of the Lessons Learned:

1. Better signage. The banners looked great, but they didn't say "what" we were selling!

2. Better display. The SeaClutch is a new product, and there is nothing else like it on the market. We need to showcase that.

3. Less complicated pricing. People get "buy three get one free."

4. More aggressiveness in working the dock and other vendors.

5. More business cards!!!

Thanks to all our family and friends who supported us!


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