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A successful weekend in St. Michaels, Part 2!

SeaClutch boat, yacht, RV
This tired and we haven't even started yet!

We woke up on Saturday morning to a beautiful day in Saint Michaels! We were at the Miles River Yacht Club to attend their annual sailing regatta, and were taking advantage of that to market the SeaClutch boat, yacht and RV picture frame holder.

We were in a slip that was perpendicular to the Miles River (the main passageway into Saint Michaels), and with no seawall we were getting rocked all day from large boats in the channel. I am proud to say that not a single picture that was protected by the SeaClutch fell over! Even at anchor the SeaClutch is a valuable addition to your boat!

Hasn't that happened to all you boaters?

Around 2 in the afternoon the participants started showing up. The number of boats was incredible, and the party was pretty awesome!

In the next post I'll share some pictures of the regatta and some non-incriminating stories about the party.

Then we head into Saint Michaels to sell!


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