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A successful weekend in St. Michaels!

Seaclutch, boat, yacht, RV Picture frame
Chloe was tired after a weekend of selling the SeaClutch!

This weekend we went to the Miles River Yacht Club to support one of their big events, a sailboat race. They are one of our sister clubs, and we like to support them whenever we get a chance.

And they are a great group of boaters!

Because I am the Fleet Captain of my Yacht Club, we stayed late on Friday so I could ensure all the visiting boats were safely docked. We got into the channel leaving the club around 7 PM.

It was a beautiful ride! Not many boats (surprising) and a steady wind of around 15 knots coming at us over the starboard bow. The docking was easy and we got tied up and prepared for the festivities on Saturday! The plan was to enjoy the day on Saturday and head into St. Michaels on Sunday and Monday to socialize the SeaClutch and make contacts.

Next post I'll talk about the sailboat race and the trip into St Michaels.


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