• Bill Holmes

A successful sales call, but we learned things!

While Chloe didn't sell much, she was still exhausted!

The sun came up on Sunday morning and the day was incredible! A light breeze and a temperature of 67 degrees made it a rare cool August morning. After a cup of coffee on the back deck, my friend and I headed up to the Ship's Store with a SeaClutch and a business card.

I introduced myself to the manager and said that we loved the marina. I then explained that Lisa and I had patented and developed a product that we felt would be a great retail addition to their store. I explained that it could be customized in bulk by manufacturing them in different colors and we could screen print logo's on the front. I also explained that we had several retail bulk sales and that we were kicking off a national advertising campaign in "Boating" magazine. I also explained that we would have a booth at the Annapolis Boat Show and we were in the running for "New Product of the Year".

I handed them a sample copy of the SeaClutch and our business card, and they said "thanks" and that it seemed like a great idea! I asked them to call if they had any questions, and we shook hands.

As we walked out, I realized I had made a huge mistake! I left them a business card, but none of the other information we discussed was in writing! How will they remember!

We are just starting, and I promise I won't get this one wrong again!

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