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A successful sales call!

boat, yacht, RV, picture, Seaclutch
Chris's version of an Irish victory dance!

As we walked toward the Herrington Harbor marina office, I got a little nervous! I find it amusing that I can speak in front of rooms filled withe literally thousands of people, but when I am trying to sell something I get nervous!

I guess it is all what you are used to!

We opened the door and struck up a conversation with the nice gentleman behind the counter. I explained that we had a fantastic weekend and that we had a new and exciting product. He asked to see it, so I took it out of the packaging and gave it to him.

He loved it! He said it was a great idea and he could see how people would buy something like that. He would mention it to the office manager on Monday and get back to us.

Chris and I left the office feeling pretty good about the meeting! Hopefully one of these sales calls will lead to a sale!

With 11 AM approaching, we started the big beautiful diesels and headed home.


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