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A Sales Trip to St. Michaels

Boat, RV and Yacht picture frame holder, SeaClutch
Your SeaClutch sales vehicle scores the t-head!

This has been an awful summer for boating! It seems like the pattern has been beautiful weather Monday – Thursday, clouds on Friday and gale warnings on Saturday. This has really cut into our trips!

We have planned to take the boat to St. Michaels and spend the entire weekend there, but there were Small Craft Advisories and Gale Warnings all afternoon. I don’t mind taking the boat out when there is a Small Craft Advisory, but Gale Warnings are something completely different. On Saturday the weather began to get a little better, and by Sunday at noon the sun had come out and the wind had died down.

I called the St. Michaels Marina and the dock master told us that they still had their water turned on and that the fall rate was only $1.50 a foot! I love fall boating.

Lisa and I left around noon and did a slow cruise to St Michaels. I was surprised that there weren’t more boats out on the holiday weekend, but we were happy to get a t-head with a great view. The Marina manager was a great guy and we had an excellent conversation about them stocking the SeaClutch in the marina’s Ship’s Store. I got his email address and promised to send him the information.

Next – a sales lead pays off!


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