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A Sales Trip to Herrington Harbor South

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This is a huge and beautiful marina!

Events overtook me and I never got this series published!

My daughter and son in law wanted to take a boat trip somewhere, so I told them we had a sales trip planned for Herrington Harbor. I let them know they were welcome to come with us, but I wanted Chris to help me with the sales call as a dry run for the Annapolis Boat Show.

We left after work on Friday and after a short cruise across the Chesapeake Bay, we approached the marina entrance. Herrington Harbor is a large and beautiful "resort" destination. The entrance fairway consists of two man made seawalls and is very narrow. There were several boats directly in front of me entering the marina, several boats leaving the marina and a row of boats on the T-head on the port side.

Our slip assignment was in a sailboat slip in a relatively narrow fairway. By sailboat slip, I mean that it was angled so that a sailboat can go in bow first and exit off the side. Since my boat is configured differently, I had to do an almost 180 degree turn in the fairway in order to position myself to go in stern first.

Of course, we were also the third slip in from the seawall, so a large crowd assembled to watch...

Luckily, there was no current and the wind was at about 10 knots, so conditions were fine. I got her in without even touching a piling!

Now to explore the marina!


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