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A sales trip to Great Oak Lodge

Boat, yacht, RV, picture, SeaClutch
SeaClutch enlisted the help of friends for this sales trip!

We have been focusing on putting in place the infrastructure to support the SeaClutch.

The Annapolis boat show is also coming soon, so that has taken a lot of our time as well!

And we are both working full time!

We have had several important sales, but we haven't really focused on individual retail sales because of a variety of scheduling issues. Well, the skies cleared, the schedule worked out and we decided to take a cruise to the Great Oak Lodge at Fairly Creek. This is a huge marina with an even bigger yacht basin, and on the weekends there are a lot of really fun activities.

It also has a high volume Ship's Store that would be a perfect place for the SeaClutch!

We told our friends we were going, and they wanted to go with us! They even offered to help with sales! The picture above is of their beautiful yacht, "Finally Did It".

The weather was perfect! We fueled up and got the heads pumped out, then started our 18 mile cruise to Great Oak Lodge!


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