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A Sales Lead Pays Off!

SeaClutch boat, RV and yacht picture frame holder
Exhausted from a day of selling the SeaClutch, Chloe takes a nap!

SeaClutch boat, RV and yacht picture frame holder
A super creepy picture I took while watching TV on the boat - nothing to do with the SeaClutch! Lol!

After a great night in St. Michaels, we got up the early and prepared to cruise back to our home marina. We had a lot do, so we wanted to get an early start.

Before we left, I showed the Marina Manager a prototype of the SeaClutch and showed him our website. I then confirmed his email address and promised to get him pricing information as soon as we were home. We then loaded up the dogs, cast off and started a pleasant cruise home.

After arriving home, I updated our corporate SeaClutch presentation and sent it to the Marina Manager. Within an hour I had a response that he would be interested in our product but wanted to do so on consignment.

I let him know that we could do branded versions of the SeaClutch with his logo, and thanked him for the opportunity. I told him I would reach out to him before the spring boating season with the product itself!

What a great development!


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