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A great weekend, but lessons learned!

boat, yacht, RV, picture, seaclutch
SeaClutch sales vehicle motoring home!

We had a great weekend, but we learned several lessons about selling!

1. You have to physically have your product. It makes an abstract conversation "real".

2. Be ready to sell! Have a method of processing payment at all times.

3. Part of selling is providing a receipt. Have that ready at all times.

4. Be aggressive in promoting your product! Everyone you talk to is a potential client.

5. Have a document with key product information. The person you talk to may not be who makes purchasing decisions. If they aren't, they certainly won't remember your story!

6. Free stuff is always good. I should have left a koozie with the SeaClutch!

We made good sales contacts, learned a lot about how to do it better and had a great time.

It was a good weekend!


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