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2018 in review - August part 2!

We also realized that we were completely unprepared for retail business!

We were sitting on the back deck of the boat on Saturday morning and a nice couple walked by. They commented that they really liked our boat and we struck up a conversation. They seemed like nice people so I offered to show them the interior.

They were in the galley when they noticed a picture held by a SeaClutch. They asked why we would put a picture on that shelf when it would obviously fall over! I pointed out that any spot on a boat was risky, and then I pointed out the SeaClutch and explained how it works.

They were very interested and indicated they may like to purchase one. And at that moment I realized that I wasn't prepared to sell! I didn't bring the "Square" credit card processing attachment, I didn't have any receipts and I couldn't even make change if they wanted to pay cash!

Good grief.

The good news was they were interested, so I gave them our business card and asked them to call me if they wanted to order a SeaClutch.

Lesson learned!


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