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We are all anxious to get back on the water!

We all miss our boats!

There were strong storms near the marina where I keep my boat, so I went over in the early evening to make sure everything was OK. My boat is in a weird "almost commissioned" state! I took the winter canvass off the back deck and installed the eisenglass, and it needs a little cleaning but it feels like summer!

The bridge still has the winter canvass up. I don't see the point of taking that down until we can take the boat out! So my boat is half commissioned on the exterior.

The interior is no better. My local marina had a great deal on some work that I needed to get done, so I had them replace fuel filters, raw water pumps and do some fluid changes. The price was great! But I haven't done the fresh and grey water yet because the marina isn't open. I didn't turn on the refrigerator and freezer for the same reason.


I know these are tough times, but it will get better.

For everyone who is in the same boating funk as me, think about a warm summer evening with your friends at the marina! It will get here.

Check out our website over the next couple of days. We are going to run an amazing sale to help you get your boat ready for summer!


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